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Why is it that West Indochina’s team is better positioned than anyone else to deliver successful M&A deals in Myanmar?

West Indochina was established in 2006 by a small group of people who already demonstrated their ability to deliver visible results in a variety of fields in Myanmar.

Results such as… pioneering Myanmar’s consumer good industry, developing the country’s first truly five star boutique hotel, helping to establish single exchange rate mechanisms, and conducting negotiations to settle high profile land ownership disputes.

Collectively, these unique journeys bring not only a wide and deep network along with an impressive collection of functional skills but also and most importantly an insider’s understanding of how things work in Myanmar. And yes, things do work in Myanmar, results can be achieved, deals can be signed
and things in general can happen but sometimes in a very unusual way.

We help our clients succeed because we love what we do and we all share a fascination for the
extraordinary complexity of Myanmar. We derive satisfaction from achieving results in a particularly challenging environment. We take pride in reaching our objectives respecting deadlines and objectives. In forming our recommendations, we apply the discipline of clarity and simplicity.

In summary, no one understands how to succeed in Myanmar better than we do.


Our Six Core Competencies /

In addition to M&A, our advice is regularly sought in the following areas:

Success Stories /

1. Myanmar Vineyard

When two visionaries meet.

Myanmar Vineyard is the brainchild of German entrepreneur Bert Morsbach. Started with a few imported vines in 1998 into the Shan State and after going through a steep learning curve about growing grapes in tropical conditions, Aythaya wine was introduced to the local market in 2004. Curiosity brought many customers for their first experience of a wine made in Myanmar. Many stayed for the unexpected high quality and consistency. In 2015 it became clear that to continue to grow at a healthy pace a wider distribution was necessary. Several options were studied. City Mart is the leading retailer in Myanmar.

One of the founder’s visions is to source as many products as possible in Myanmar. Their market leading operation specialized in HORECA channel was the perfect match. All ingredients for a good deal were present. West Indochina led it to a successful completion in 2017.

“Luc and his team have delivered above expectations. Many unforeseen challenges were met with professionalism and empathy. A delightful experience from end to end.”

Bert Morsbach

Founder of Myanmar Vineyard

2. EXERA – Securing Myanmar

A strategic growth story.

In 2012, two ex-military personnel were based in Myanmar where they met for the first time. They realised that in this “last frontier market” there was a real need to for professional security services. EXERA was born. From humble beginnings the company quickly gained the trust of prestigious corporations and international organisations. They grew extremely fast and left the two co-founders with not much time for anything else. In 2017 both co-founders met family situations calling for a change in lifestyle.

They approached West Indochina for advice. We suggested a few options and they decided to go for the exit option.

Myanmar Strategic Holdings (MSH) is a leading Private Equity firm focusing on Myanmar growth opportunities. MSH is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

EXERA offered a growth potential that convinced MHS. Today, with MHS’ strategic input and disciplined operator’s approach, EXERA continues to grow to the satisfaction of both seller and buyer.

“West Indochina’s team has delivered on promise. As we were “new to the game” they took the time to take us step by step into the process until we felt comfortable with every decision.”

Jim Hogan

Co-Founder EXERA